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OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), affiliated to US DOL (Department of Labor), demands that all products to be used in workplace must be tested and certificated by NRTL before being sold in market. Applicable testing standards include American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards; American Society for Testing Material (ASTM) standards, Underwriter Laboratory (UL) standards, and factory mutual-recognition organization standards.

▍OSHA, NRTL, cTUVus, ETL and UL terms definition and relationship

OSHA: Abbreviation of Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It is an affiliation of US DOL (Department of Labor).

NRTL Abbreviation of Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory. It is in charge of lab accreditation. Up to now, there are 18 third-party testing institutions approved by NRTL, including TUV, ITS, MET and so forth.

cTUVus Certification mark of TUVRh in North America.

ETL Abbreviation of American Electrical Testing Laboratory. It was established in 1896 by Albert Einstein, the American inventor.

UL Abbreviation of Underwriter Laboratories Inc.

▍Difference between cTUVus, ETL & UL

Item UL cTUVus ETL
Applied standard


Institution qualified for certificate receipt

NRTL (Nationally approved laboratory)

Applied market

North America (US and Canada)

Testing and certification institution Underwriter Laboratory (China) Inc performs testing and issue project conclusion letter MCM performs testing and TUV issues certificate MCM performs testing and TUV issues certificate
Lead time 5-12W 2-3W 2-3W
Application cost Highest in peer About 50~60% of UL cost About 60~70% of UL cost
Advantage An American local institution with good recognition in US and Canada An International institution owns authority and offers reasonable price, also be recognized by North America An American institution with good recognition in North America
  1. Highest price for testing, factory inspection and filing
  2. Longest lead time
Less brand recognition than that of UL Less recognition than that of UL in certification of product component

▍Why MCM?

● Soft Support from qualification and technology: As the witness testing lab of TUVRH and ITS in North American Certification, MCM is able to perform all types of testing and provide better service by exchanging technology face to face.

● Hard support from technology: MCM is equipped with all testing equipment for batteries of big-sized, small-sized and precision projects (i.e. electric mobile car, storage energy, and electronic digital products), able to provide overall battery testing and certification services in North America, covering standards UL2580, UL1973, UL2271, UL1642, UL2054 and so forth.

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