Why do we need to obtain the certificate?

Every country have certification systems to protect the health of user from hazard and to prevent the spectrum entanglement. Obtaining certification is a mandatory process before a product is sold in the particular country. If the product is not certified in accordance with relevant requirements, it will be subject to legal sanctions.

Is local testing required for global certification?

Many countries with a testing organization system require local testing, but some countries can replace local testing with certificates such as CE/CB and test reports.

What basic information or document should I provide for new project evaluation?

Please provide product name, usage and specification for assessment. For detailed information, feel free to contact us.

Has the mandatory date of Malaysia battery certification been confirmed? When is it?

The Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) is working on formulating and improving the certification process and it is expected to be mandatory soon. We will inform you once there is any news.

If a lithium battery will be exported to the North America and sold in supermarket, what certification do I need to obtain besides UL 2054 and CTIA?

You need to register the product in WERCSmart system and get it accepted by retailers. Please contact us for further information.

Basically, how does CRS registration and certification work for cell and battery ?

Firstly, test samples will be sent to qualified labs in India. After the testing finished, labs will officially issue a test report. At the same time, MCM team will prepare related registration documents. After that, MCM team submit the test report and related documents on BIS portal. After examination by BIS officers, a digital certificate will be generated on BIS portal which is available to be downloaded.

Does the fee of BIS certification change under the influence of COVID-19?

Up to now, no official document is released by BIS.

Can you provide Thai local representative service if I want to go for TISI certification?

Yes, we provide Thai local representative service, one stop service of TISI certification, from import permit, testing, registration to exportation.

Is your leadtime of sample transit for BIS testing being affected by Covide-19 and geo-political tensions?

No, we are able to send out samples from a variety of sources to ensure leadtime not to be affected.

We want to apply for cerificate, but we don't know what kind of certificate we need to apply for.

You can provide us with the product specification, usage, HS code information and expected sales area, then our experts will answer for you.

Some cerifications require samples to be sent to local testing, but we don't have loglistics channel.

If you choose MCM, we will provide you a one-stop service of "sending samples -- testing -- certification". And we can send samples to India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brazil and other regions safely and quickly.

When applying for battery or cell international certification, do I need to apply for factory inspection?

Regarding to the requirements of factory inspection, it depends on the certification rules of exporting countries. For example, TISI certification in Thailand and the Type 1 KC cerification in South Korea all have factory audit requirements. Please feel free to contact us for specific information.

Are button cell/battery subject to mandatory certification?

Since IEC62133-2017 came into effect, it has basically been mandatory certification, but it also needs to be judged according to the certification rules of the country where the product is exported. It should be noted that button cells/batteries are not within the scope of BSMI certification and KC certification, which means that you do not need to apply for KC and BSMI certification when selling such products in South Korea and Taiwan.