Local ESS battery certification evaluation standards

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Battery transport UN38.3. Battery core, battery module, battery pack, ESS rack Test the battery module when the battery pack / ESS rack is 6,200 watts


CB certification IEC 62619. Battery core / battery pack Safety
IEC 62620. Battery core / battery pack Performance
IEC 63056. Power storage system See the IEC 62619 for the battery unit


China GB/T 36276. Battery core, battery pack, battery system CQC and CGC certification
YD/T 2344.1. Battery pack Communication


The European Union EN 62619. Battery core, battery pack  
VDE-AR-E 2510-50. Battery pack, battery system VDE certification
EN 61000-6 Series specifications Battery pack, battery system CE certification


India IS 16270. PV battery  
IS 16046-2. ESS Battery (Lithium) Only when the handling is less than 500 watts


North America UL 1973. Battery core, battery pack, battery system  
UL 9540. Battery pack, battery system  
UL 9540A. Battery core, battery pack, battery system  


Japan JIS C8715-1. Battery core, battery pack, battery system  
JIS C8715-2. Battery core, battery pack, battery system S-Mark.


South Korea KC 62619. Battery core, battery pack, battery system KC certification


Australia Power storage equipmentElectrical safety requirements Battery pack, battery system CEC certification

▍Important Certification profile

“CB Certification- -IEC 62619

CB Certification profile

CB Certified IEC(Standards.The goal of CB certification is to “use more” to promote international trade;

The CB system is an international system of the (Electrical Qualification Testing and Certification System) operating on the IECEE, called short for the IEC Electrical Qualification Testing and Certification Organization. 

“The IEC 62619 is available for:

1. Lithium batteries for mobile equipment: forklift trucks, golf carts, AGV, railway, ship.

. 2. Lithium battery used for fixed equipment: UPS, ESS equipment and emergency power supply

“Test samples and certification period

No number

Test terms

Number of certified tests

Test time


Battery unit

Battery pack



External short-circuit test 3 N/A. Day 2


Heavy impact 3 N/A. Day 2


Land test 3 1 Day 1


Heat exposure test 3 N/A. Day 2


Excessive charging 3 N/A. Day 2


Forced discharge test 3 N/A. Day 3


Force the internal paragraph 5 N/A. For 3-5 days


Hot burst test N/A. 1 Day 3


Voltage overcharge control N/A. 1 Day 3


Current overcharge control N/A. 1 Day 3


Overheating control N/A. 1 Day 3
Total of the total 21 5(2) 21 days (3 weeks)
Note: “7″ and “8″ can be selected in either way, but “7″ is recommended. 

▍North American ESS Certification

▍North American ESS Certified Test Standards

No number

Standard Number Standard name Note


UL 9540. ESS and the facilities  


UL 9540A. ESS evaluation method of hot storm fire  


UL 1973. Batteries for stationary vehicle auxiliary power supplies and light electric rail (LER) purposes  


UL 1998. Software for the programmable components  


UL 1741. Small Converter safety standard When being applied to the

“Information required for the project inquiry

Specification for battery cell and battery module (shall include rated voltage capacity, discharge voltage, discharge current, discharge termination voltage, charging current, charging voltage, maximum charging current, maximum discharge current, maximum charging voltage, maximum operating temperature, product size, weight, etc.)

Inverter specification table (shall include rated input voltage current, output voltage current and duty cycle, operating temperature range, product size, weight, etc.)

ESS specification: rated input voltage current, output voltage current and power, operating temperature range, product size, weight, operating environment requirements, etc

Internal product photos or structural design drawings

Circuit diagram or system design diagram

“Samples and certification time

UL 9540 certification is usually 14-17 weeks (safety assessment for BMS features must be included)

Sample requirements (see for the information below. The project will be evaluated based on the application data)

ESS:7 or so (large ESS allows multiple tests for one sample due to sample cost, but requires a minimum of 1 battery system, 3 battery modules, a certain number of Fuse and relays)

Battery core: 6 (UL 1642 certificates) or 26

BMS management system: about 4

Relays: 2-3 (if any)

“Entrusted test terms for the ESS battery

Test terms

Battery unit

The module

Battery pack

Electrical performance

Room temperature, high temperature, and low temperature capacitance

Room temperature, high temperature, low temperature cycle

AC, DC internal resistance

Storage at room temperature and high temperature


Heat exposure


Overcharge (protection)

Over-discharge (protection)

Short-circuit (protection)

Overtemperature protection



Overload protection



Wear the nail


Press ressing

Subtest test

Salt ine test

Force the internal paragraph


Thermal diffusion


Low air pressure

Temperature impact

Temperature cycle

Salt affairs

Temperature and humidity cycle

Note: The N/A. is not applicable② does not include all evaluation items, if the test is not included in the above scope.

▍Why is it the MCM?

“Large measuring range, high-precision equipment:

The 1) has battery unit charge and discharge equipment with 0.02% accuracy and maximum current of 1000A, 100V/400A module test equipment, and battery pack equipment of 1500V/600A.

The 2) is equipped with 12m³ constant humidity, 8m³ salt fog and high and low temperature compartments.

3)Equipped with piercing equipment displacement up to 0.01 mm and compaction equipment weighing 200 tons, drop equipment and 12000A short circuit safety test equipment with adjustable resistance.

4)Have the ability to digest a number of certification at the same time, to save customers on samples, certification time, test costs, etc.

5)Work with examination and certification agencies around the world to create multiple solutions for you. 

6)We will accept your various certification and reliability test requests.

“Professional and technical team:

We can tailor a comprehensive certification solution for you according to your system and help you get quickly to the target market.  

We will help you develop and test your products, and provide accurate data.

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