Transport- UN38.3


Transport- UN38.3



 The development history of air transportation appraisal in China

In 2003,Lithium battery products were -offically listed into the Transport of Dangerous Goods Manual of Tests and CiteriaChapter 38 Sectio .In 2006 the Flight Standards Department of General Administration of Civil Avation of China (CAAC) held the first training conference aboutlthium battery air transportation for China Aviation System in Bejing.In the same year, MCM became the first batch of members of thetechnical expert group of the Civil Aviation Administration of China on the implementation of lithium battery transportation rules (includingUN38.3).



In 2007,CAAC began to supervise and approve the work of accreditation bodies for dangerous goods transportation including lithium batteriesin China.


In 2008,MCM became the unique UN38.3 branch of Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry (SRICI) Testing Center in China.


In 2009, the accreditation work towards UN38.3 testing and accreditation organization is no longer directly led by CAAC but changing to beresponsible by airlines.


In 2012, the Dangerous Goods ldentification Center of CA4c Second Research Institute was established, which specializes in technicalidentification and advisory service for air transportation of dangerous goods.


In 2014, MCM is accredited by Air China Cargo Co.,Ltd.


ln 2016,MCM carried out strategic cooperation with the Dangerous Goods ldentification Center of CAAC Second Research Insttute, providinglithium battery UN38.3 testing and certfication sevices for global clients.n 2017,CAAC Second Research Institute and DGM cooperated MCMto continue to promote the standardization and rationalization of UN38.3 testing and accreditation of dangerous goods transportation, and tomake social contribution by promoting the smooth circulation of battery products in global trade.


In 2017,CAAC Second Research lnstitute and DGM cooperated MCM to contiue to promote the standarvdization and rationalization of UN38.3 testing andaccreditation of dangerous goods transportation, and to make social contriution by promoting the smooth ciculation of tatery products in global trade.




Document requirement

  1. UN38.3 test report 2. 1.2m drop test report lif applicable) 3.ldentification report of transportation 4.MSDS(if applicable) 

Test item

1.Altitude simulation 2.Thermal test 3. Vibration 4.Shock 5.External short circuit 6.Impact/Crush 7.Overcharge8.Forced discharge 9.1.2mdrop test report

2.Remark: T1-T5 is tested by the same samples in order.


Label Requirement



Why MCM?

  1. .The initiator of UN38.3 in the transportation field in China;Have the resources and professionalteams being able to accurately interpret UN38.3 key nodes related to Chinese and foreign airlines,freight forwarders,airports, customs, regulatory authorities and so on in China;

    MCM has already issued over 50,000 UN38.3 test reports for global clients.Have resources and capabilites that can helplithium-ion batteryclients to “test once, pass smoothly all airports and airlines in China “;

    Has the first-class UN38.3 technical interpretation capabilities, and housekeeper type service structure.


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