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▍What is ANATEL Homologation?

ANATEL is a short for Agencia Nacional de Telecomunicacoes which is Brazil governmental authority to certified communication products for both compulsory and voluntary certification. Its approval and compliance procedures are the same both for Brazil domestic and abroad products. If products are applicable to compulsory certification, the testing result and report must be in line with the specified rules and regulations as requested by ANATEL. Product certificate shall be granted by ANATEL first before product is circulated in marketing and put into practical application.

▍Who is liable for ANATEL Homologation? 

The Brazil governmental standard organizations, other recognized certification bodies and testing labs are ANATEL certification authority for analyzing the production system of manufacturing unit, such as product design process, procurement, manufacturing process, after service and so on to verify the physical product to be complied with Brazil standard. Manufacturer shall provide documents and samples for testing and assessment.

▍Why MCM?

● MCM possesses 10 years abundant experience and resources in testing and certification industry: high quality service system, deeply qualified technical team, quick and simple certification and testing solutions.

● MCM collaborates with multiple high-quality local officially recognized organizations providing various solutions, accurate and convenient service for clients.

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