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▍SIRIM Certification

For the security of person and property, Malaysia government establishes product certification scheme and puts surveillance on electronic appliances, information & multimedia and construction materials. Controlled products can be exported to Malaysia only after obtaining product certification certificate and labeling. 


SIRIM QAS, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Malaysian Institute of Industry Standards, is the only designated certification unit of the Malaysian national regulatory agencies (KDPNHEP, SKMM, etc.).

The secondary battery certification is designated by KDPNHEP (Malaysian Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs) as the sole certification authority. Currently, manufacturers, importers and traders can apply for certification to SIRIM QAS and apply for the testing and certification of secondary batteries under the licensed certification mode.

▍SIRIM Certification- Secondary Battery

Secondary battery is currently subject to voluntary certification but it is going to be in the scope of mandatory certification soon. The exact mandatory date is subject to the official Malaysian announcement time.  SIRIM QAS has already started accepting certification requests.

Secondary battery certification Standard : MS IEC 62133:2017 or IEC 62133:2012

▍Why MCM?

● Established a good technical exchange and information exchange channel with SIRIM QAS who assigned a specialist to handle with MCM projects and inquiries only and to share the latest precisely information of this area.

● SIRIM QAS recognizes MCM testing data so that samples can be tested in MCM instead of delivering to Malaysia.

● To provide one-stop service for Malaysian certification of batteries, adapters and mobile phones.

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