Transport- UN38.3

Short Description:

Project Instruction

▍Document requirement

1.  UN38.3 test report    

2.  1.2m drop test report (if applicable)   

3.  Accreditation report of transportation             

4.  MSDS(if applicable)

▍Testing Standard

QCVN101:2016/BTTTT(refer to IEC 62133:2012)

▍Test item

1.Altitude simulation      2. Thermal test               3. Vibration    

4. Shock                   5. External short circuit          6. Impact/Crush

7. Overcharge              8. Forced discharge             9. 1.2mdrop test report

Remark: T1-T5 is tested by the same samples in order.

▍ Label Requirements

Label name

Calss-9 Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods

Cargo Aircraft Only

Lithium Battery Operation Label

Label picture

sajhdf (1)

 sajhdf (2)  sajhdf (3)

▍Why MCM?

● The initiator of UN38.3 in the transportation field in China;

● Have the resources and professional teams being able to accurately interpret UN38.3 key nodes related to Chinese and foreign airlines, freight forwarders, airports, customs, regulatory authorities and so on in China;

● Have resources and capabilities that can help lithium-ion battery clients to "test once, pass smoothly all airports and airlines in China ";

● Has the first-class UN38.3 technical interpretation capabilities, and housekeeper type service structure.

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