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WERCSmart is the abbreviation of World Environmental Regulatory Compliance Standard.

WERCSmart is a product registration database company developed by a US company called The Wercs. It aims to provide a supervision platform of product safety for supermarkets in US and Canada, and make product purchasing easier. In the processes of selling, transporting, storing and disposing products among retailers and registered recipients, products will face increasingly complicated challenges from federal, states or local regulation. Usually, the Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) supplied along with the products do not cover adequate data of which information shows compliance with laws and regulations. While WERCSmart transforms the product data to that conforming to laws and regulations.

▍Scope of registration products

Retailers determine the registration parameters for each supplier. Following categories shall be registered for reference. However, the list below is incomplete, so verification on registration requirement with your buyers is suggested.

◆All Chemical Containing Product

◆OTC Product and Nutritional Supplements

◆Personal Care Products

◆Battery-Driven Products

◆Products with Circuit Boards or Electronics        

◆Light Bulbs

◆Cooking Oil                      

◆Food dispensed by Aerosol or Bag-On-Valve

▍Why MCM?

● Technical personnel support: MCM is equipped with a professional team who studies SDS laws and regulations for long. They have in-depth knowledge of the change of laws and regulations and have provided authorized SDS service for a decade. 

● Closed-loop type service: MCM has professional personnel communicating with auditors from WERCSmart, ensuring smooth process of registration and verification. So far, MCM has provided WERCSmart registration service for more than 200 clients.

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