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▍What is PSE Certification?

PSE (Product Safety of Electrical Appliance & Material) is a mandatory certification system in Japan. It is also called ‘Compliance Inspection’ which it is a mandatory market access system for electrical appliance. PSE certification is composed of two parts: EMC and product safety and it is also an important regulation of Japan safety law for electrical appliance.

▍Certification Standard for lithium batteries

Interpretation for METI Ordinance for Technical Requirements(H25.07.01), Appendix 9,Lithium ion secondary batteries

▍Why MCM?

● Qualified facilities: MCM is equipped with qualified facilities which can be up to the whole PSE testing standards and conduct tests including forced internal short circuit etc. It enables us to provide different customized testing reports in the format of JET, TUVRH, and MCM etc.

● Technical support: MCM has a professional team of 11 technical engineers specialized in PSE testing standards and regulations, and is able to offer the latest PSE regulations and news to clients in a precise, comprehensive and prompt way.

● Diversified service: MCM can issue reports in English or Japanese to meet clients’ need. So far, MCM has completed over 5000 PSE projects for clients in total.

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