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    ▍What is CB Certification? IECEE CB is the first genuine international system for mutual recognition of electrical equipment safety test reports. NCB (National Certification Body) reaches a multilateral agreement, which enables manufacturers to obtain national certification from other member countries under CB scheme on the basis of transferring one of the NCB certificates. CB certificate is a formal CB scheme document issued by authorized NCB, which is to inform other NCB that the test...
  • North America- CTIA

    North America- CTIA

    ▍What is CTIA CERTIFICATION? CTIA, the abbreviation of Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association, is a non-profit civic organization established in 1984 for the purpose of guaranteeing benefit of operators, manufacturers and users. CTIA consists of all U.S. operators and manufacturers from mobile radio services, as well as from wireless data services and products. Supported by FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and Congress, CTIA performs a large part of duties and functi...
  • Transport- UN38.3

    Transport- UN38.3

    ▍Document requirement 1.  UN38.3 test report     2.  1.2m drop test report (if applicable)    3.  Accreditation report of transportation              4.  MSDS(if applicable) ▍Testing Standard QCVN101:2016/BTTTT(refer to IEC 62133:2012) ▍Test item 1.Altitude simulation      2. Thermal test               3. Vibration     4. Shock                   5. External short circuit          6. Impact/Crush 7. Overcharge              8. Forced discharge             9. 1.2mdrop test repo...
  • India – CRS

    India – CRS

    ▍Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS) Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology released Electronics & Information Technology Goods-Requirement for Compulsory Registration Order I-Notified on 7th September, 2012, and it came into effect on 3rd October, 2013. Electronics &Information Technology Goods Requirement for Compulsory Registration, what is usually called BIS certification, is actually called CRS registration/certification. All electronic products in the compuls...
  • Vietnam- MIC

    Vietnam- MIC

    ▍Vietnam MIC Certification Circular 42/2016/TT-BTTTT stipulated that batteries installed in mobile phones, tablets and notebooks are not allowed to be exported to Vietnam unless  they are subjected to DoC certifctaion since Oct.1,2016. DoC will also be required to provide when applying Type Approval for end products (mobile phones, tablets and notebooks). MIC released new Circular 04/2018/TT-BTTTT in May,2018 which stipulates that no more IEC 62133:2012 report issued by overseas accredit...
  • Malaysia- SIRIM

    Malaysia- SIRIM

    ▍SIRIM Certification For the security of person and property, Malaysia government establishes product certification scheme and puts surveillance on electronic appliances, information & multimedia and construction materials. Controlled products can be exported to Malaysia only after obtaining product certification certificate and labeling.  ▍SIRIM QAS SIRIM QAS, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Malaysian Institute of Industry Standards, is the only designated certification unit o...